Solar Powered UAV

Solar Powered Fixed Wing UAV

The proposed MARAAL-3 is a high-altitude Solar-powered unmanned aircraft with a service ceiling of up to 5 Km and endurance up to 12 hrs.  It can be launched from any geographical location with a small runway of approximately 200 meters. Its application includes ISR missions (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), maritime scientific, Search & rescue, Mapping, Environmental Protection, Agri-Tech, etc.

The distinctive features of this proposed UAV allow it to remain in the air for extended periods, providing significant benefits to Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. The prolonged duration has the potential to facilitate and improve various mission scenarios like Search & Rescue, Mapping, Precision Agriculture and Disaster Response and Recovery.


Service Ceiling 5 Km

Flight Time > 12 Hrs

Runway 200 m

Solar powered

MTOW ~25 kg

Wingspan 11 m

Technical Specifications

Equipped with high definition optical and infrared cameras, state-of-the-art sensors, these aerial platforms are suitable for round the clock missions, border patrolling, target tracking, maritime surveillance, navigation etc.

Ready to take off in 30 Minutes.

Custom designed Ruggedised components / Ruggedized COTS

600+ Km

Ensures longer endurance.

Single propeller

Battery and Gravitational Potential Energy

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